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historical-e-atlases-tomaps-XVII8T-O-Maps.com is a service specialized in providing historical e-Atlases of various countries across the globe. The key product is a document containing a series of maps that visualize the changing shape of a country, starting with the earliest known maps up to 20th century maps. Each era is represented by a number of maps drawn by the most famous (European) cartographers of their time. From early classical & medieval maps, via maps of 16th /17th century atlases (Golden Age of Cartography), to contemporary satellite images. For a preview of the layout and contents go to the sample pageThe available e-Atlases are not meant to replace the traditional printed atlases but are an addition and offer extra functionality. They can be downloaded as PDF-files; the files can be viewed using Acrobat Reader (version 9.0 or higher) and compatible applications. Please refer to the About page for some background information on our start up.

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