Wales in 33 historical maps


Item: e-Atlas
Edition: 2.0, 2019
Language: English
Pages: 110
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Author: T-O-Maps


The name Wales (and Welsh) derives from the Germanic root Walh (plural Walha). The name refers to the Celtic tribes known to the Romans as Volcae, being used to identify all Celtic  inhabitants of the Roman Empire.  The Welsh name for Wales is Cymry. The word is descended from the Brythonic word combrogi, meaning  "fellow-countrymen". The Latinised form is Cambria.  It has survived in various geographical names; e.g. the  Cambrian Mountains, which cover much of Wales.   (They also gave their name to the Cambrian geological period.) The name Cambria was also used on the earliest printed maps of Wales, at the end of the 16th century. On later maps it would become Wallia (Latin) and Wales (modern English). 



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