Egypt in 34 historical maps


Item: e-Atlas
Edition: 2nd, 2018
Language: English
Pages: 118
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Author: T-O-Maps


According to the classical scholar Strabo (20BC) the name Egypt is derived from the Greek Aigaíou Hyptíos, which means the “(Land) below the Aegean (sea)". The first separate map of the region was designed by Ptolemy (150AD). The map was worked out again by European cartographers at the end of the 15th century. The first separately printed maps of Egypt appeared in the (early) 16th century. Mostly, only the northern part (the Nile delta) of present-day Egypt was depicted. In the 17th century the coverage was extended to the south. The capital city Cairo was established in 640AD and then named Foestat.  It is located at the ancient Egypt city of Babylon. A map of the city was included in the first European town atlas, published by Hogenberg & Braun in 1572.






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