Russia in 45 historical maps


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Edition: 3.0, 2019
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The name Russia,  or Byzantine Greek Ro(s)sia, means "Land of the Rus" (or Ros). Most likely it is derived from the Old Norse word for "rower" (or seafarer). Its first usage dates back to the early middle ages. On earlier maps the (Latin) names Moscovia and Tartaria were used. Moscovia identifies the western (European) part and Tartaria the eastern or Asiatic part. On the Mappa Mundia of Cresques (1375) and Fra Mauro (1450) the name Rossia is used. The modern name Russia came into use in the 16th century. The first separately printed maps of Russia appeared in the 16th century. Most of the maps were focused on the European part (Moscovia). During the 17th century the coverage was extended to the east. 



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