Viewing e-Atlases

Viewing e-Atlases


The downloaded e-Atlases (PDF-files) can be opened using Acrobat Reader* (9.0 or higher) and compatible applications. This is not just a tool for reading documents. It offers various extra options for viewing pages, images and maps. 




The following basic functions are supported:


Automatic scroll
Show all (chronological ordered) map pages as a kind of movie
Add bookmarks and/or jump to existing ones
Use keywords for finding maps of a particular author, year etc.
Use the loupe tool for checking place names etc. (The image resolution of most maps is adequate for reading purposes.)
Move backward and forward to previous views. In this way maps from different periods can be easily compared.
Jump directly to a page number. Use the map index pages (7/8) of the e-Atlases for looking up a page of interest.
Pan & zoom
Use the zoom & pan window to view geographic features 
Print a selection of  maps plus their descriptions
If necessary, individual maps can be rotated to a standard North orientation. (In ancient times the top of a map was often facing towards a different direction than is common today.)
Adjust the standard way pages are displayed. E.g. a common option is '2 pages up' so that both the map and its description are visible on the screen.



*NOTE: If required, visit the website of Adobe to get a free and up to date version of Acrobat Reader.