Order process

Order process


The entire process for ordering the historical e-Atlases is controlled and secured by the hosting company STRATO; the payment procedure is handled by PayPal. The prices of the e-Atlases are listed in Euros (EUR). TIP: Use the Print icon/command to print the item descriptions (detail view products) of the selected e-Atlases. 

The order process comprises 3 basic steps:  


Use the Add to basket button (in detail view of a product) to purchase an e-Atlas.
Use the Display basket icon (top right web page) to view your items.


Use the Checkout buttons to wrap up your order and fulfil the payment. *
You can either register with our website first or go directly to the PayPal option. 
You can either pay via your PayPal account or use your Credit Card (as a guest). 

*please read the (next) Terms & Conditions page first before checking out


After finishing the payment procedure, a complete and high resolution PDF-file of each purchased e-Atlas is available.
Each file is accessible through a (secured) separate link.
The file(s) can be downloaded to your personal computer, laptop or other device. 


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