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Each country atlas also contains the oldest available map of their capital city (as a bonus). The map is compared with an up to date satellite image (Google Maps/Earth), which is also included. See sample page (Malta). Most maps come from the first (European) town atlas ever made: Civitates Orbis Terrarum published by Braun & Hogenberg in 1572 onwards. The image gallery below gives an overview of all added town plans. The gallery is alphabetically sorted on their country names. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the list or jump to a particular map by clicking on the image.

Civitates Orbis Terrarum 1572-

Argentina Buenos Aires 1758

Australia Canberra 1927

Austria Vienna 1730

Belgium Brussels 1572

Brazil Brasilia 1957

Canada Ottawa 1915

Chile Santiago 1730

China Beijing 1921

Cuba Havana 1762

Denmark Copenhagen 1779

Egypt Cairo 1572

England London 1610

Finland Helsinki 1837

France Paris 1572

Germany Berlin 1738

Greece Athens 1785

Hungary Budapest 1617

Iceland Reykjavik 1801

India Delhi 1858

Indonesia Jakarta 1705

Iran Tehran 1858

Ireland Dublin 1610

Israel Jerusalem 1582

Italy Rome 1572

Japan Tokyo 1752

Madagascar Antananarivo 2018

Malta Valetta 1572

Mexico Mexico City 1572

Netherlands Amsterdam 1572

Nigeria Abuja 2018

North-Korea Pyongyang 1946

Norway Oslo 1883

New Zealand Wellington 1840

Philippines Manila 1898

Poland Warsaw 1772

Portugal Lisbon 1598

Russia Moscow 1662

Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1866

Scotland Edinburgh 1581

South-Africa Cape Town 1725

South-Korea Seoul 1946

Spain Madrid 1705

Sweden Stockholm 1642

Switzerland Bern 1560

Turkey Ankara 1960

United Kingdom London 1572

United States Washington DC 1861

Wales Cardiff 1610